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Paperback – Import, 1 January 2019

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Attuned to the principles of Mother Nature, Ayurveda is the ‘Science of Health’, fully portrayed by philosophy. One who wants to understand this science has no way than understanding those philosophies. Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom; it is the ‘love of wisdom’. The philosophies on which Ayurveda is based are briefed in the following chapters. Ayurveda waned and perhaps became stagnant in medieval and British Periods. Social stigma attached to blood, dead body or dissection among higher cast members played a major role for this. Its follower’s constraints to come out of the conservative philosophies to the updated modern views was another reason. It is important to note that hypothesis and theories are never absolutely proven. A theory is a set of propositions and concepts that provides a reliable, systemic, and rigorous account of an aspect of nature. If a hypothesis continues to survives a testing, it may be accepted as a valid theory. Ayurveda is the way of life. The more we know the more attractive it is. It is against the modernization of the beings surroundings. The negligence of Mother Nature is the main cause of disease. Ayurvedic treatments help body’s repairing processes and never cause aggressive destructions as is mis-interpreted. The content of this book is what I perceived about Ayurveda. The graphs and color code used are my imaginations for the easy method of interpretations. The highlighted columns are the part of an attempt to have a contemporary approach with reference to the classical knowledge as well.

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