Art of War in the Vedas (PB) | By Dr. P.K. Agrawal (Author) | MLBD Publications


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The book “Art of War in the Vedas” is perhaps the first exposition of general principles of war contained in the Vedas. The Vedas proclaim the establishment of peaceful and prosperous world for the people in general and for the people of the country in particular.

The four Vedas of India have vast reserve of knowledge relating to all subjects touching concern of all. Therefore, it was an uphill task to extract mandates of the Veda regarding war or battle. Ten battles as case studies have been given to simplify the implications of verses of the Vedas regarding war. It is hoped that the book will be welcome by all specially the army personnel around the World. Dr. P.K. Agrawal is a renowned author of Hindi and English. He has more than Sixty Five Books to his credit including Twenty in English.

Dr. Agrawal is widely acclaimed and honoured for his creative writing in Hindi. He has five epoch making works on Indology i.e. Bhagwadgita : Natyaroop, Ramcharitmanas : Natyaroop, etc. After retirement from the highest post in the Indian Administrative Science, Dr. Agrawal worked as an Advocate for more than Ten Years. At present Dr. Agrawal is the Managing Partner of VAS Global, a New Delhi based law firm and is practicing in Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court.

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