Aspects of Political Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India – By Ram Sharan Sharma (Author) – MLBD Publications


Paperback – 1 January 2015, 7th Reprint

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The present work aspects of political ideas and institutions in ancient Indian discusses different views on the origin and nature of the state in ancient India. It also deals with stages and processes of state formation and examines the relevance of caste and kin based collectivities to the construction of polity. The Vedic assemblies are studied in some detail and developments in political organisation are presented in relation to their changing social and economic background. The book also shows how religion and rituals were brought in the service of the ruling class. Arranged in 22 chapters the book discusses historiography of ancient Indian polity up to 1930, sources and method, the Saptanga theory of the state, theories of property, family and varna regarding the origin of the state, the contract theory of the origin of the state, theory of “Oriental Despotism”, Sabha and Samiti, origin of the post-Vedic Republics, the early Parisad, tribal and primitive aspects of the later Vedic polity, kin conflicts and rise of hierarchy in later Vedic times, changing position of the King, taxation and state formation in northern India in Pre-Maurya times, Varna in relation to law, religion and politics, the Satavahana, Kusana and Gupta Polity, etc.

About the Author

In her nearly thirty years of Spiritual study, Karla McLaren has explored many forms of healing, but found that she could only apply herself in areas of real need. She has focused her practice for the last fifteen years on survivors of dissociative trauma (molestation, imprisonment, psychotic breaks, violent crime, and torture). These survivors had received, on average, five years of traditional Therapy and yet had not fully recovered. Determined to offer an alternative, McLaren found a swift, sure, and loving way to Help such survivors out of their traumas and back into the present. Her first two books, written for molestation survivors, Rebuilding the Garden and Further into the Garden (Laughing Tree Press, 1997) are chronicles of that process. After seeing firsthand the incredible confusion and damage caused by ungrounded, immature, and unsafe spiritual practices, she now writes to provide the same sort of no-nonsense spiritual information for everyone. McLaren Lectures and teaches nationwide. Karla and her Family live with an ever-expanding mob of stray Cats in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada.


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