Bhartrhari’s One Hundred Verses on Love – By Harsha V. Dehejia (Author) – MLBD Publications


Hardcover – 1 January 2020

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Bhartrahri’s Shringara Trayi occupies an important place in the annals of Sanskrit Literature for many reasons. While Shringara rasa was probably enunciated in Prakrit in times pre-historic and even before his time as in Hala’s Saptasati, Bhartrhari was perhaps the first poet who broke the norm of not using Sanskrit for romantic literature. About the Author Harsha V. Dehejia has a double doctorate, one in Medicine and the other in Ancient Indian Culture, both from Mumbai University. He divides his time between Ottawa, Canada and Mumbai, India. He is practicing Physician and Adjunct Professor of Religion in the College of Humanities of Carleton University in Ottawa. His main interest is in Krishna Shringara in which subject he has more than 25 books, two films and many curated exhibitions.





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