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Paperback – Import, 1 November 2016

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This unique volume brings together eastern and western perspectives on consciousness with essays from philosophers and scientists which emphasise different aspects of the integration. The overarching aim of this book is to provide direction toward integrating Eastern philosophical and religious practice with philosophies and science of Western culture, an aim that could be pivotal in understanding consciousness and its place in nature. A unifying approach is adopted to the study of consciousness, integrating the wisdom of the sages of the east, and the scientists of the west and the stupendous east-west integration that has been achieved is indeed a milestone. The book will appeal to the rapidly growing mass of scientists and students in this upcoming field, both in the east and west, as well as the general inquisitive reader. Courses in consciousness studies are being promoted in leading Universities all over the world. It will also interest the followers and adherents of Eastern Philosophy of Saints and Radhasoami Faith numbering in a few millions around the globe

About the Author

Revered Prof. Prem Saran Satsangi, Emeritus Editor (East) is chairman, Advisory Committee on Education, Dayalbagh Educational Institutions, a think-tank, constituted to suggest inter-alia, steps necessary for achieving highest levels of excellence in education at all levels. He was acclaimed the Spiritual Leader, the eighth Sant Satguru, of Radhasoami Faith, Dayalbagh on May 18, 2003, through consensus, in a special general body meeting attended by about 25,000 representatives of Radhasoami Faith with a following estimated to be about a half of a million. A systems scientists firmly rooted in the integrative systems approach pioneered at Michigan State University and University of Waterloo. He has applied western scientific techniques to study the consciousness of the sages of the east. Revered Prof. Satsangi serves as the Emeritus Chair from the East of the Integrated East-West Forum at the TSC conferences. Prof. Stuart Hameroff, Emeritus Editor (West) is Director, Center for Consciousness Studies and Emeritus Professor for Anesthesiology at University of Arizona. Tucson, USA. He is the Chief-Architect and Chair of the TSC (The Science of Consciousness) series of conferences organized annually since 1994 all over the world. He has collaborated with Sir Roger Penrose in formulating the Penrose-Hameroff Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch-OR) model of consciousness, which is one of the leading scientific theories of the day. Prof. Hameroff serves as the Emeritus Chair from the West of the integrated East-West Forum at the TSC conferenes. Prof. Pami Dua is Dean, Research (Humanities and Social Sciences), University of Delhi and Director, Delhi School of Economics.


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