Corporate Social Responsibility (HB) | By Ajith Sankar R. N. (Author) | MLBD Publications


Hardcover – 1 January 2022

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The textbook on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ provides meaningful content that can benefit a learner and practitioner in areas related to responsibility initiatives. This book covers some of the knowledge areas that are emerging, in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), while not being covered in detail in the mainstream affordable textbooks.
Examples of the areas include:
CSR reporting, Natural and Social Capital Accounting, social entrepreneurship, product labeling, contribution of India to CSR, ethos and values as the basis for CSR etc. Meanwhile, aspects related to CSR that are in mainstream practice and discussion is also included in the textbook.
Examples – reasons for CSR, Strategic CSR, legal norms and guidelines related to CSR etc. The book, while covering ‘corporate’ social responsibility practices, also details responsibility practices in organizations that operate with a ‘not-for-profit’ intent. Through interesting examples, caselets and illustrations, the book aims to reach the reader in a manner that is of ease, simplicity and purpose. The book also provides the reader with opportunities for examination, judgement and reflection.
Corporate Social Responsibility (HB) | By Ajith Sankar R. N. (Author) | MLBD Publications
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