Don’t be afraid of Mars Dosha: A step by step illustrated guide for Non-Astrologers and experts alike – By Shivesh Prasad Mishra (Author), Umesh Prasad Mishra (Author)


Paperback – 25 June 2021

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This book is a compendium on Mars Dosha. We have made as exhaustive a list as possible of cases that constitute a Mars dosha, along with combinations that neutralize or cancel it out. This is a do-it-yourself book with simple pictorial representations. A simple % (percentage) score to assess the degree of dosha present or how much is neutralized.

It is an ideal manual for beginners and also serves as a reference for students, researchers and experts in astrology. With salutations to the Supreme, we offer this work to you, dear readers.

–        Shivesh Prasad Mishra & Umesh Prasad Mishra



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