Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies – Vol. 13: Nyaya-Vaisesika Philosophy From 1515 to 1660 | By Karl H. Potter (Author),  Sibajiban Bhattacharyya (Author) | MLBD Publications

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Hardcover , 1 January 2011

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The aim of this 28-volume Encyclopedia is to present the contents of different streams of Indian Philosophical texts citing experts on the points that seem debatable. The volumes include a Bibliography, a Glossary and treatments of Nyaya-Vaisesika, Samkhya, Yoga, Purva Mimamsa, various Vedanta systems and certain philosophically important sects of Shaivism and Vaishnavism, as well as Jaina and Buddhist philosophy. In this volume the history of Nyaya-Vaisesika is resumed from Volume VI of the Series and brought up to the time of Gadadhara (ca. 1660).

This is the period of the great subcommentators (Jagadisa, Mathuranatha, Gadadhara) on Raghunatha Siromani’s Tattvacinta manididhita, the culmination of some of the most intricate philosophical analysis the world has ever known. Prof. Sibajiban Bhatta charyya has in his extensive Introduction provided a thorough explanation of the basic style and content of these sub commentators, alongwith a readable account of many of the main topics discussed in these works. His introduction is followed by analyses of some of the chapters of these subcommentaries, provided by those few Indian scholars of recent times able to command the difficulties their interpretation poses. These summaries can be consulted for an initial acquaintance with the topics covered, free from the intricacies of the subcommentaries.

About the Author

Karl H. Potter is professor of Philosophy and South Asian Studies at the University of Washington is Seattle, and is General Editor of the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies. Series containing 28 volumes.



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