English Workbook Class 1: Useful for Unit Tests, School Examinations & Olympiads (PB) – By Chitra Lele (Author)


Paperback – Abridged, 25 October 2019

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The Last Minute Revision just before the exam, unlike other run-of-the-mill published workbooks that are just about stereotypes replication the Long Answer, Short Answer, Multiple Choice Questions etc. from a chosen chapter and cleverly selling as guide books, this workbook covers the same chapters but in a holistically yet concise manner. Written by experts as per latest NCERT curriculum. Key concepts in the point-wise format for ease of revision. MCQs provided to enhance your practice level. Useful to score high in Unit Test, School Exams, and Semester Papers. Readily available workbook for quick revision prior to examination. Helps to score high grades for the students who tick 80-90% correct answers. All the Best! Contents: Publisher’s Note Preface 1. Jumbled Words 2. Words: Their Meanings and Opposites 3. Identifying a Word from the Picture 4. Making a Word 5. Feminine and Masculine 6. One and Many 7. Word Pairs 8. Odd One Out 9. Animals: Their Babies, Sounds and Groups 10. Nouns 11. Verbs 12. Basic Tenses 13. Articles 14. Prepositions 15. Adjectives 16. Pronouns 17. Punctuation 18. Reading Comprehension 19. Spoken and Written Expression 20. Achievers Section 21. Hints and Solutions

About the Author

Chitra Lele is a young software consultant, best-selling author and research scholar. She has been conferred with the title of “A Versatile Writer” by the India Book of Records for penning maximum number of books in a short span of 18 months in various genres.

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