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Over a period of time, acupressure has emerged as a prominent therapy since it is free from any side effect since no medication whatsoever is required

  • Of late, it is being observed that people around the globe are becoming more health conscious. Whereas, on one hand, scientists are busy carrying out researches, finding the cause(S) in the sudden spurt of diseases in its dreaded form and finding medicines to combat such ailments which assume epidemic shape and a host of innovative methods being devices in the field of surgery, a marked shift is seen amongst the masses towards the holistic approach. More and more people trying to get focused towards fitness, adopting yoga and naturopathy as a way of life.
  • Paying more attention than before on their diet regime. Trying to take recourse to available non-conventional systems of medicine. One of the causative factors, perhaps, is the exorbitant cost of medicine, growing awareness about the side effects of allopathic medicines etc…! The redeeming feature is that people have started realising the importance of prevention rather than a cure.
  • Over a period of time, acupressure has emerged as a prominent therapy since it is free from any side effect, since no medication whatsoever is required. It is totally non-conventional, non-invasive and non-interventional, a home remedy, easy to learn and practice. The simple reason being that it is evolved on the principle that human body in itself possesses immense healing power, all that is required is to tap that healing force of the body and the rest is taken care by the body itself.
  • This therapy has been found to be very effective in handling conditions e.g cervical/Lumber spondylitis, knee pain, Sciatica, Slip-disc, depression, insomnia, migraine, asthma, hypertension, PMS, IBS, various female/male problems etc….. To name a few.
  • After the publication of our book ‘101 qanda acupressure and reflexology’, our students have been demanding a book sharing our experience of about 30 years in this ‘Art and science’. This book is to meet the demand of upcoming and practicing therapists of acupressure as also for the people to get benefit of our experience.
  • All possible efforts have been made to depict the location of the pressure points to be attended to through figures, suggestion for correction of the errors, if any, that might have crept in would be gratefully accepted.

About the Author

Dr. A.K. Saxena was introduced to acupressure by Dr. Daleep Saxena, a Senior Allopathic Physician, about 30 years ago. Learnt this ‘Art and Science’ from Dr. Attar Singh ji, in Chandigarh. Started healing his family and friends with the help of this therapy. The results were so encouraging that Dr. Saxena took voluntary retirement, from the post of Under Secretary to the Govt. of India, five years before the age of attaining superannuation. Forums such as Rotary Club of India; India International Centre; UNDP(UNWA); Print and Electronic Media etc., provided a platform to Dr. Saxena to take the message to the masses about the healing power of the human body. He has been associated with many hospitals of repute on call. Has successfully treated approx 27000 patients suffering from various diseases from all walks of life. He has also been training hundreds of desirous persons in using this easy to learn therapy in healing various ailments without any medicine. Dr. Preeti Pai, BNYS, from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore has been working in various prestigious Government Hospitals of Delhi such as Dr. RML hospital; GTB Hospital (UCMS); Lady Hardinge Medical College, under AYUSH; as also a good number of Private hospitals, for more than 15 years. She has been co-coordinator in the Research projects on Coronary Artery Diseases, Neurological/ Mental Disorders. Has also been associated with All India Radio (Akashwani), for about a decade as Yoga and Naturopathy Expert. Besides being a skilled Clinical Acupuncturist/ Acupressurist, has successfully treated more than 8000 patients and trained scores of aspiring learners of Acupressure. She is a skilled Curative Hypnotherapist treating psychological, Gynae disorders as well as disorders involving Endocrine system. She has also been successfully handling Musculoskeletal and Neurological ailments and the patients suffering from the dreaded condition ‘Cancer’. Has been educating people in Stress Management, Work Ergonomics, Dietary Counselling, Life Style Principles in the Corporate Sector as well.





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