Indian Art at Delhi – 1903: The Official Catalogue of the Delhi Exhibition, 1902-03 (HB)- By George Watt (Author) – MLBD Publications


Paperback – 1 January 1987

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Baudhayana Srautasutram: Bhavswamikrit-Kalpvivranen Sametam (5 Vols.): The Baudhayana Srautasutra with the Commentary of BhavasvamThe volume was first published as a catalogue and guide to the indian art exhibition held at Delhi ‘to concide with the Durbar of 1902-03’. The volume is a unique work of documentation of ninteenth-century indian craftsmanship. The text is enriched with graphic representation of rare specimens of Indian artistry. Its usefulness as ‘a gazetteer and an ethnographical dictionary’ makes it invaluable for the students engaged in research of the history of craft and industry in





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