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2nd edition (1 January 2017)

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The most significant of India’s contributions of the civilization of the world was made in the ancient period. Unfortunately, the history of this glorious epoch, which is an interesting chapter in the annals of human civilization, was lost and we have been reconstructing it on the basis of information gathered from various sources. Of these, epigraphy is the most important, since the major part of what we already know about ancient India is derived from the study of inscriptions.
In the present work, Professor D.C. Sircar deals with various problems relating to Indian epigraphy and it is expected to be useful to people interested in ancient Indian history in general and Indian inscriptions in particular. Some of the topics discussed herein are: inscriptions and their evidence, languages in which the inscriptions are written, writing materials, the preparation and preservation of documents, copperplate grants, stanzas on bhumi-dana, Indian epigraphy abroad, systems of dating and the different eras, technical expressions including royal titles and official designations, taxes, land measures, nomenclature, etc.

There are thirty-six plates illustrating various types of epigraphical records.

About the Author

D. C. Sircar (1907-1984) was an epigraphist, historian, numismatist and folklorist, known particularly for his work deciphering inscriptions in India and Bangladesh. He was the Chief Epigraphist, Archaeological Survey of India (1949-1962); Carmichael Professor of Ancient Indian History and Culture, University of Calcutta, (1962-1972) and the General President of the Indian History Congress. In 1972, Sircar was awarded the Sir William Jones Memorial Plaque.




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