Indian Kavya Literature (Vol. Vii In 2 Pts. ) The Wheel Of Time – By A. K. Warder (Author), Torbjorn Hobbel (Author) – MLBD Publications


1 January 2004

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Book Summary of Indian Kavya Literature (Vol. VII In 2 Pts. ) The Wheel Of Time The work begins with a discussion of the purpose of Philosophy or Darsana, which is basically to promote rational belief and action, criticise errors and illusions and point the way to liberation. In brief the purpose of Philosophy is to elucidate the nature of reality or Praamartha. While the author does not uphold the traditional distinction of Paramartha and Vyavahara, he does make a crucial distinction between Jnana and Vijnana, Wisdom and Science. Paramartha is defined as what is uncontradicted, and determined on the basis of uncontradicted perception, inference and the command of authentic persons. Pratyaksa, anumana and Sabda are accepted as three Pramanas. The role of Sabda is confined to a knowledge of practical norms. These are briefly the contents of the First of the Seven chapters into which the work is divided.

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