Studies in Jaimini Astrology (PB) – By B.V. Raman(Author) – MLBD Publications


Paperback  1 January 2014

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This book is intended to introduce the work of the now relatively unknown Hindi devotional poet Sahajo Bai to readers of Indian literature and those interested in Hinduism through the provision of a contemporary translation of her major work Sahaj Prakash. The original text is also given for comparative purposes. It is hoped that this book will enable the work of this devotional woman poet to be better known and appreciated within India and abroad, and that readers will use the book in many different ways, academic and creative, as seems most appropriate to them.

About the Author

Bangalore Venkata Raman was born on August 8, 1912, at 7:46 P.M. IST in Bangalore, India. This famous Hindu Astrologer achieved global fame and recognition for his accurate predictions of the success and failure of Hitler and Mussolini, and the victory of the Allied forces during World War 11. Bangalore Venkata Raman is the figure that stands out like a colossus in the history of Modern Hindu Astrology. This great man made Astrology respectable and rescued it from the cheap jeers of ignoramuses whose only qualification to criticise astrology was that they knew nothing about it. The profession of the native began as early as 1936 when he started Raman Publications for publishing books on Indian Culture and Astrology and in the same year. He restarted The Astrological Magazine as a quarterly. The Popularity and the success of The Astrological Magazine is due to the remarkable editorials in which the critical world situation are judged to a nicety and events foretold long before anybody even conceive of them as being likely from the trends of political events. It is only proper that such merits should receive recognition. He was conferred the dignity of Doctor of Science by the Academie et Universite Internationale The native married early and led a happy married life. He had a large family of seven children. Bangalore Venkata Raman had a successful tour of United states and Europe in October and November 1959 during the Saturn Dasha. In this world tour, he delivered innumerable lectures in Europe and America. He had a unique honour of giving a lecture on astrology at the United Nations in October 1970. Again in April 1971, he visited U.S.A. to inaugurate an international congress of astrology. Jupiter and Saturn conferred reputation and financial prosperity.
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