Key2Practice Class 1 English Workbook 2 (Pronoun) English Summer Vacation Activity Workbook (PB) – By Indu Jain (Author)


Workbook – 1 January 2019

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This English Grammer workbook for Grade 1 contains ‘Pronouns’ worksheets. These Grammer worksheets for Grade 1 explain topics like This, That, These and Those ‘Pronouns’. There are a total number of 24 grammer worksheets for this concept. The workbook has an answer key at the end. All these worksheets are coloured.
These English Grammer worksheets for Grade 1 cover the following topics:
1. Introduction to Pronouns
2. Singular and Plural Pronouns
3. Masculine and Feminine Pronouns
4. Common and Neuter Gender Pronouns
5. First-Person Pronouns
6. Second Person Pronouns
7. Third Person Pronouns
8. This, That, These, Those
9. Usage of Pronouns
These English Worksheets for Grade 1 are activity-based and specially designed for children. If you are looking for English Grammer worksheets for your first grader then do give our workbooks a try.
The instructions are easy to follow. This allows them to study without adult supervision.
All our workbooks are affordable, comprehensive and application-based. Making your child’s K-12 learning engaging. It eases the experience of homeschooling for the parents as well.
Exclusively designed worksheets by IIT Alumna and experienced educators.

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