Knowledge and Reality: A Comparative Study of Divine and Some Buddhist Logicians (HB) | By Kaisa Puhakka (Author) | MLBD Publications


Hardcover – 1 January 1994

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The present work consists of an analytical study and critique of certain aspects of Buddhist tradition as they bear upon some central problems of logic and ontology. The author examines the logical, epistemological and ontological doctrines of Dignaga, Dharmakirti and Ratnakirti on the one hand and of W.V. Quine on the other. She agrees with Quine that a shearline of demarcation between analytic and synthetic statements is untenable and she argues that a position similar to Quine’s obtains in the writings of the Buddhist logicians. She provides convincing arguments to the effect that the Buddhist logicians rejection of substance ontology leads to the rejection of any claim to the ultimacy of the analytical synthetic distinction. Divided into seven chapters and documented with Preface, Bibliography and General Index, this work is a rare contribution in the field of Comparative Philosophy.

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