Opera Omnia (Vol. 12): Space, Time and Science (HB) | By Raimon Panikkar (Author), Milena Carrara Pavan (Editor), Dr Karan Singh (Foreword), Kapila Vatsyayan (Foreword) | MLBD Publications

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Hardcover – 31 March 2024

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Volume XII, the last one in the structure of this Opera Omnia, includes articles and books, dealing with science, that were published in the early years of my production. Even though their contents and style may now sound quite outdated, I nonetheless decided to insert them here as a reminder of that period and the issues I was then interested in. In particular the prologue, “Synthetic Visions of the Universe”, is remarkably outdated, but it presents some insights which I still consider meaningful. The theme of this book starts with the conception of time linked to the scientific vision of reality. Omnia tempus habent (All things have a time of their own) This time is not something which envelops the being externally, but an integral and specific dimension of each being, which is insofar as it lasts, and it lasts precisely because it is this particular being and not another. The time of the technological civilization has caused a profound conflict within Man by altering his life rhythm. Should Man refuse technology or, on the contrary, reinforce it and be integrated in progress? This is an inescapable conflict. At this point it should be noted that technology has an ontonomic nature, and therefore an intrinsic relationship both with the world and with Man. In fact, the relationship between Man and technology is as deep and intimate as that between technology and nature. Man generates technology by starting from nature. Technology is originally produced by Man’s interest in the earth and matter. Et tempus non erit amplius (And time will be no longer).

Opera Omnia (Vol. 10 Part 1): Philosophy and Theology – The Rhythm of Being (HB) | By Raimon Panikkar (Author), Milena Carrara Pavan (Editor), Dr Karan Singh (Foreword), Kapila Vatsyayan (Foreword) | MLBD Publications

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