Philosophy of Gorakhnath: With Goraksha-Vacana-Sangraha (PB) | Author – A. K. Banerjee | Publisher – MLBD Publications

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Paperback – 1 January 2016

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Original price was: ₹718.Current price is: ₹555.

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This volume contains the essence of the writings and teachings of Mahayogi Gorakhnath. It is well pointed out that while the ultimate object of search is the same for a Yogi and a philosopher, their modes of approach are different, the latter’s being intellectual and the former’s intuitive and spiritual. The task of a Yogi does not require any subtle intellectual speculation or the framing of hypotheses and theories. The quest of the Yogi is direct spiritual experience of truth on a high plane of consciousness. The highest state of Samadhi attained by the Yogi is neither purely subjective nor objective. It transcends both categories and it is really an integrated experience beyond formal description. Such a transcendent state of consciousness is alone called Samadhi.

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