Star Guide to Predictive Astrology – By Pandit K.B. Parsai (Author)


Paperback – 1 January 2001

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A collection of three books, this work provides a basic introduction to astrology, details the subjects to be considered before making predictions under each of the twelve houses in the birth chart and demonstrates the effect of each planet, including its relationship with other planets in the houses, on human life. Replete with examples, personal observations and myriad experiences, this book provides the technical aspects of predictive astrology in simple language for the average reader, while being of immense value for astrology students and experts.

About the Author

Pandit K.B. Parsai (1922-2009) was descended from a renowned family in Madhya Pradesh whose members had been astrologers for twenty-five generations. Pandit K.B. Parsai earned a double M.A, the Sahitya Ratna and had a high degree in Dharma Shastra. He retired as a director in the Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India. He wrote the weekly astrological column for major Indian dailies. His published books include Star Guide to Love & Marriage, Start Guide to Winning Elections and Star Guide to Niryana Table of Houses.

Pandit D. K. Parsai, youngest son of Pandit K. B. Parsai, is carrying on the tradition of astrology in the Parsai family. He has completed his B.Com (Hons.) from the University of Delhi, post-graduation in marketing management and post-graduation in computers from the United States of America where he lived for sixteen years and worked for a premier software company before returning to India to be with his father. He has gained a fine reputation in India and abroad for the accuracy of his predications. Along with Pandit K. B. Parsai, he has co-authored books on astrology including Star Guide to Niryana Table of Houses and Star Guide to Winning Elections. He is presently working as project director with a premier IT company in India and lives in Noida.

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