Studies in Indian Coins – By D.C. Sircar (Author) – MLBD Publications

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Hardcover – 1 January 2008

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The present book is an authoritative and authentic source for the study of Indian coins. It not only describes the coins but also studies them critically in all their aspects. The points which are dealt with here are on numismatic studies in India, Satamana and Sana, Kautilya and Buddhaghosa on Coins, Silver Coins of Vasisthiputra Satakarni, Alleged Coins of the Mahisa Kings, Coins of Semi-Independent Rulers, Date of Isvaradatta’s Coins, Petluripalem Hoard, Some problems of Tribal Coins, Coins of Kumaragupta – I, Harigupta and Ramagupta, Coins of Muhammad-bin-Sam and Prthviraja, Coins of Kakatiya Prataparudra – I, Gajapati Pagoda, Ganga Fanam and Ramatanka, Coins of Bhairavasimha, Maratha mint under the Peshwas, Cowrie-shell, rupee and pice. In describing the features of a particular class of coins from the standpoint of standard, style and fabric or in discussing the significance of the numismatic terms, the author has utilized the literary data which have a bearing on them.





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