Studies on Pali Commentaries (HB) | Author – Kanai Lal Hazra (Author) | MLBD Publication

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Hardcover – 1 January 2019

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Original price was: ₹1,780.Current price is: ₹1,502.

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Studies on Pali Commentaries are undoubtedly Dr. K.L. Hazra’s most brilliant contribution to the field of Buddhism. The present book is a storehouse of information on Pali commentaries, and bears evidence on every page of it. It shows the author’s indefatigable research , his genius for analysis and his familiarity with the Pali language and commentaries. It is no doubt a pioneering contribution to a field of study in which there have been too few works done by scholars. The author with single-minded devotion has written it for the cause of Pali language and literature. The lucidity and immaculate style of the author’s description has been one of its special features. It is a work of considerable breadth. The book is divided into four chapters. This valuable research work, suffixed with preface, abbreviations, bibliography and footnoted, small be of great help to those people who are interested in Pali literature and language in general and Buddhism in particular. The work contains a detailed description of the A±±hakathas, their origin and growth, biographical sketches of Buddhadatta, Buddhaghosa and Dharmap¡da, enumeration of the works of those scholars, outline of the contents of these works and historical and geographical importance of the Pali commentaries. This study will satiate every research minded person in his movement to find out true knowledge in this field of Buddhism. Students, scholars and the general readers alike will find this book highly interesting, useful and valuable for study and references. This will surely be of interest not only to specialists but also to those who are looking for an authentic picture of the Pali commentaries. It is work of scholarship, for it contains much new material on the Pali commentaries. The author offers fresh insights into the religion of the Buddha, and Buddhist history and culture. This book must find an honoured place in the library of every Pali-minded people. It no doubt would inspire future generation.

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