The Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidasa – By M. R. Kale (Author) – MLBD Publications


Paperback – 1 January 2010, 11th Edition

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The Abhijnanasakuntalam is an unparalleled work of the great poet and playwright Kalidasa, the brightest star in the firmament of Indian poetry. No other composition of this poet displays more the richness of poetical genius, the warmth and play of fancy, the profound knowledge of human heart that this masterly production. The present edition is unique in several essentials. The editor has adopted the most popular and appropriate version of the text. He has put the variants in the footnotes. He has added a short Sanskrit commentary, copious notes, an exhaustive introduction and several useful appendices. The English translation of the text is literal as well as idiomatic.It is hoped that this edition will meet the long-felt requirement of university students and the general reader alike.


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