The Dictionary of the Esoteric: 3000 Entries on the Mystical and Occult Tradition – By Navill Drury (Author) – MLBD Publications


Paperback – 1 January 2003

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With ovear 3000 cross referenced entries this is an invaluable reference to the mystical and esoteric traditions. It gives succinct definitions in the fields of magic hermeticism, alchemy, spiritualism, parapsychology, eastern and western mysticism, mind and consciousness research divination, tarot and a variety of less well known subjects. It also features biographies of leading figures in the field with details of their lives, philosophies and writings from astrologer Evangeline Adams to the prophet Zarathustra.

About the Author

Nevill Drury is the author of over forty books and has been published in fifteen languages. His work includes writings on shamanism and the western magical traditions, as well as contemporary art, holistic health and ambient music. He lives in New South Wales, Australia.
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