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Paperback – 1 March 2014

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The message of the holy dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna in the Bhishma Parvan episode of Mahabharata has been held in deep reverence by the sages, philosophers and the learned scholars all over the world. The teachings of Geeta are universal and meant for the welfare of entire creation. There are hundreds of commentaries on Bhagavad Geeta both in Indian and in many foreign languages.

In the words of Dr. Radhakrishnan, ‘for centuries people have found comfort in this great book which sets forth in precise and penetrating words the essential principles of a spiritual religion which are not contingent on ill-founded facts, unscientific dogmas or arbitrary fancies.’

The present translation is only a humble addition to the work which has been accomplished earlier by the Geeta scholars. This translation with Romanized Sanskrit verses has been brought forward in order to encourage the modern generation into the study of this ancient scripture. This work is also meant to help the Indians living in foreign countries and to arouse the interest of foreigners into the recitation of Sanskrit verses and to understand the meaning of Geeta in a simple flexible and comprehensible language.

About the Author

Founder and president of the Geeta Society, is also an active member of the Women’s Federation for world peace and the United Nations Association, USA. She is also the chairwoman of the Women’s Interfaith Circle of Service/CC-URI and a recipient of the Global Citizen award, given by UNA-the Commonwealth Club San Francisco, the Parliament of World’s Religions, schools, universities, churches, mosques, and interfaith conferences. Mrs. Duneja, a graduate from the Sanskrit University of Kurukshetra, is a well-known Vedic scholar and a devotee of Lord Krishna. She is the author of the Legacy of Yoga in Bhagavad Geeta, Mantra and the Modern Man, Bhagavad Geeta: The Gospel of Timeless Wisdom, and has also recorded several series of lectures on the science of yoga and meditation, the secret powers of mantra, and the Bhagavad Geeta. For more information visit her website: and contact her at [email protected]
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