The Story of India and Srilanka and the Tamils (PB) | By Selvaganesan (author)


Paperback – 18 May 2016

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There was never an armed secessionist movement in the Tamil regions of India, whereas in Sri Lanka the discriminatory regimes and failed political struggles of Tamils led to an armed uprising…

The Indian administration was incorrectly led to believe that the rise of armed movements in Sri Lanka would lead to rise of secessionist movement in Tamil Nadu…

The armed movement(LTTE) in Sri Lanka was built with a Portfolio of skills for over two decades – transcontinental organization, technological excellence, combative mind-set, international network with – governments, civilians, media, underworld, capabilities to manufacture battlefield weapons, on-field battle strategy, financing models, stealth operations, covert intelligence operations unit, sleeper cells, political lobbying, publicity and propaganda skills, lightning fast maneuverability across combat regions and sourcing & supply chain management of arms & ammunitions…

The Author describes the events leading up to the military defeat of the LTTE that began at least twelve years ago in Mozambique where the LTTE seized arms & ammunitions purchased by the Sri Lankan Military. The event alerted the Western Powers to sit up and mark the LTTE in the danger lists as a non-state actor that had acquired abilities to strike with a transcontinental infrastructure and unbelievable stealth.

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