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Paperback – 1 January 2004

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The Tibetan Book of Dead, has taken it to be a very free translation of Bardo Thodol (Liberation by Hearing on the after Death Plane) is among the sacred book of the world. The book is pre eminent insight into interpretations of higher ‘lamaic’ teachings and of the subtle esortericism underlying the Bardo Thodol. In this Oriental ideas have been put forward in a form which is intelligible to the European mind. The Occidental parallels of various mystic or occult doctrines current in Orient are frequently referred in this book, because author’s personal experience gathered during years of wanderings chiefly in the high Himalayas and on the Tibetan frontiers of Kashmir, Garhwa and Sikkim.


“Dr. Evans-Wentz, who literally sat at the feet of a Tibetan lama for years in order to acquire his wisdom…not only displays a deeply sympathetic interest in those esoteric doctrines so characteristic of the genius of the East, but likewise possesses the rare faculty of making them more or less intelligible to the layman.” —Anthropology (on the previous edition)

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Donald S. Lopez is at University of Michigan.
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