The Story of Rama: A Sanskrit Coursebook for Beginners – Part 1 – By Warwick Jessup  (Author) – MLBD Publications


Paperback – Large Print, 1 January 2016


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The Story of Rama books (Part I-II) together relate, in 16 episodes, the story of the Ramayana. Part I introduces: the standard method of transliteration; the gerund (‘having done something’); and the declension of the Sanskrit word for ‘that’ in all three genders. Part II covers an introduction to the imperative mood; other important noun and pronoun declensions; ‘having done something’ used with prefixes; the past passive participle; the conjugation of the middle voice and the verb ‘to be’ in present, future and past tenses; and the completion of the standard method of transliteration.

About the Author

Elena Jessup Sanskrit teacher with 16 years’ experience educating children and adults of all ages. Have designed systematic and creative Sanskrit language courses, textbooks, and materials. Interested in fostering connections between the East and West, especially any new initiatives in this area.
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