Tirthankarasana: A Work on Jaina Yoga


1 May 2019, 1st Edition

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The purpose of this book is not only to show the proper procedures of doing the poses, but also to spread light on dhyana, mantra, and japa, and remember the kindness and grace showered upon us by great saints and svamis. The writer is an accomplished meditator. The insights and essences he realized during many years of meditation have been published for the benefit of fortunate readers. The benefits of this book will be self-evident as you delve deeper into yogic practices. In this book on Jain Yoga, some poses are totally new while others have been dealt with in other works on yoga. The poses are named both traditionally and with the names of the Tirthankaras. For each asana, mantras are given to deepen the engagement with the poses on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

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