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Hardcover – 2022

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The problem of a sense of lack and the resultant wanting is never-ending and universal. We may be fortunate enough to have a life where this problem does not seem major or we may be able to mask it by continuously striving to obtain what we like and to keep away what we dislike. Despite all this we yet reach a stage, perhaps towards the end of our lives, where we begin to question whether our lives have a more fundamental meaning and whether we will ever succeed in fully & permanently resolving our sense of incompleteness. These questions have been addressed by many philosophical and religious traditions over millennia but, in all these, Advaita Vedanta stands out as being unique and effective. This is not only because it has amazing insights into the truth of things but also because it employs an exceptional teaching method which has been preserved over generations by an unbroken chain of teachers. Dhruv S. Kaji has been an ardent student of Vedanta who has had the benefit of learning from some illustrious teachers. In this book he shares several interesting and useful insights into important aspects of Vedanta. By using a contemporary approach, he makes it easier for the reader to relate to ideas and concepts which can be otherwise difficult to convey to a modern reader. As Swami Tadatmananda Saraswasti says in his foreword to this book, “Dhruv seems to absorb wisdom from the vast ocean of Vedanta, extracting only its essence, and leaving all the complexity behind. Then he shares this distilled wisdom through books like this one.”

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