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Paperback – 3 October 2016

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Yoga shows that all beings (regardless of age) desire the same thing: peace. Yoga for Teens teaches how to attain this peace, for intermediate and high school aged kids, through using different yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditations, and writing “AUMwork” exercises. Each chapter focuses on how using yoga can help teens properly cope with one emotion that they often face in their daily lives.

Combining the teachings of yoga with the personal stories provided by the author and other yoga teachers who reflect back on their own teenage lives to inspirational stories written and art work reflecting these emotions drawn by teens today, Yoga for Teens explains how to use yoga for anger, fear, gratitude, patience, focus, love, and confidence.

The book uses honesty to talk about the things that teens go through from depression, drug use, alcohol use, sex, stress, driving, home issues, school, peer pressures, body image issues, social media, cyber bullying, focus and ADD, first loves, friendships, and fights (along with many other topics teenagers face currently today).

In understanding the history of yoga (including the 8 limbs, 7 chakras, and AUM) and the benefits of the practice, teens will learn how to become and stay physically, mentally, and emotionally strong, releasing the stress teens often face, enabling them to grow in to strong, peaceful adults.

Yoga for Teens (PB) | By Shawna Schenk (Author) | MLBD Publications


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