Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies: the Philosophy of Grammarians – Vol. 5 – By Karl H. Potter(Author), Harold G. Coward(Author) – MLBD Publications

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Hardcover  1 January 2015

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Original price was: ₹2,000.00.Current price is: ₹1,500.00.

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This volume of the encyclopedia of Indian philosophies is devoted to the philosophy of the grammarians. The introductory essay summarizes the main philosophical ideas contained in the grammatical works. The summaries of the main sources that follow concentrate on the philosophical ideas contained there in, so that philosophers who are unable to read the original sanskrit can get an idea of the positions taken and arguments offered. Covered in this text are chapters on metaphysics, epistemology, word-meaning and sentence meaning, accounts of vedic literature like Yaska’s Nirukta, Panini’s Astadhyayi, Patanjali’s Mahabhasya and 80 other accounts. An exhaustive bibliography of original and secondary writings on the philosophy of grammar is included. Cumulative Index is also given. Bhartrhari, Mandanamisra, Kondabhatta and Nagesa have been dealt with at length.

About the Author

Karl H. Potter is professor of Philosophy and South Asian Studies at the University of Washington is Seattle, and is General Editor of the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies.
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