Mother of the Universe: Visions of the Goddess and Tantric Hymns of Enlightenment – By Lex Hixon (author) – MLBD Publications


Published in 2004

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The Great Mother is humanity’s most primordial, pervasive, and fruitful image of reality. Either secreatly or openly she appears with extra-ordinary power wisdom and tenderness at the core of every noble culture. She illuminates the entire universe because she is not some local or limited goddess but our Universal Mother. She expresses herself fluently through and within every sacred tradition, without needing to call attention to her feminine nature.

About the Author

Lex Hixon holds joint citizenship in several sacred worlds – Advaita Vedanta, Islamic Sufism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, and Soto Zen. He received a doctorate in philosophy and religion from Columbia University and is the author of Coming Home: The Experience of Enlightenment is Sacred Traditions and Heart of the Koran.

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