Tantra Without Tears – By Christopher S. Hyatt, S. Jason Black (author) – MLBD Publications

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Published in 2009

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Original price was: ₹250.Current price is: ₹223.

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This is the only book on Tantra one will ever need. A bold statement? Perhaps. However, the idea behind this book is simple. It is power. It is Kundalini, dressed in western clothes. It describes experiences and techniques which allow one to glimpse beyond ordinary day-to-day reality, into a world of marvels and horrors. This book gives you the understanding and ability to use certain symbols, sounds and images that you will find in more conventional and classical texts. In other words, as well as an instructional text, it is also a jumping off point for those who wish to pursue the original Eastern material at another time.

It is not about common notions of harmony or angels or anything like that. It is not sweet-and-light and is full of real-world experiences which reflect the workings of Tantric philosophy and practice.

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