How the Weather Affects Your Health (PB) – By Manfred Kaiser (Author) – MLBD Publications

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Paperback – 1 January 2009

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Climate change is upon us. Every year new weather records are broken: Record heat, drought, flood and an ever increasing number of cyclones and tornadoes ravage our homes, livelihoods and health. Weather and health issues rarely leave the headlines and they are the two subjects we invariably bring up in our day to day conversation. If you are concerned about the effect of climatic changes on you, then you will find How the weather affects your health is indispensable for explaining the link between the two strongest influences on our lives. The effects that weather sensitivity, climate change, air, heat, cold, solar radiation and violent weather have on us are all presented, with background information on weather related disorders and preventative and remedial advice.

About the Author

Former military and commercial helicopter pilot and air traffic controller and instructor Manfred Kaiser is well-qualified to write about weather and health. Aviation medicine lessons which were part of his pilot training highlighted the negative impact of weather on the human body. For several years he has extensively researched and analysed the subject, culminating in the writing of HOW THE WEATHER AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH. He has written articles for magazines, newspapers and air traffic control educational texts. Manfred Kaiser is married with one son and lives in a small country town in Victoria.
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