The Chakra – Handbook: From Basic Understanding to Practical Application to Harmonising the Energy Centers with Music, Colors, etc.: From Basic … Massage, Aspects of Nature and Meditation (PB) | Author – Shalila Sharamon, Bodo J. Baginski | MLBD Publications


 Paperback – 1 January 2015, 4th edition

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Chakras or symbolic lotus centres are symbolic representatives of the journey of consciousness from animal instincts to divine realization. Basically these lotus symbols are the objects of meditation. Meditation on these centres releases psychic energy and enables the mind to see the subtle realities more clearly and leads the sadhaka to intuitive realization of higher truths.

The authors have added the novelty in the form of an attempt to relate music, colours, gemstones, scents, breathing techniques, reflex zone massage and astrological signs to energy centres. The Chakra Handbook provides a practical insight into various human potentialities. It unveils the power that works within the body in tandem with a complex energy system. The book delves into the subject in a comprehensive manner, lay person can understand and practice chakra meditation indicating that the secret of sexual impulse is not wrapped in the genitals but exists in every cell of the body in the interaction of the male and female forces in all the manifestations of creation.

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